Open Information Foundation

Share information...freely and openly.


The Open Information Foundation was founded by Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius in 2006. The primary motivation was to bring to the world of information, what Open Source had brought to the world of software. Namely, the free exchange of ideas and knowledge, without borders, without limits and without financial constraints. Hopefully, by breaking down the traditional, properitary barriers to gaining knowledge, everyone can grow.


The mission of the Open Information Foundation is to improve the overall human condition by promoting, assisting and funding educational activities provided free of charge. The Open Information Foundation encourages the use of conferences, workgroups, publications and other initiatives, which help to educate people in all walks of life. By making information available without economic impediment, the Open Information Foundation hopes to encourage innovation leading to an overall advancement in human activities.


If you feel that you are hosting an event, undertaking a project or opening the world of information, we would like to help. Contact us to find out more.